Beekeeper Waxing & Waning (043)


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Do you remember what it was like when you first started keeping bees? Beekeeping was easier years ago, and most of us wanted more bees, more hives, more skills, more of everything beekeeping.

But there’s a next chapter. Beekeepers today are better educated because there’s more to do now. So, it’s not wrong to want to take a day, a week, a whole season off. And there will be good times and bad times. And yes, some won’t come back.

Sometimes, learning something new will keep you going. Learn queen rearing, or pollen collection, or…. something you haven’t done before to get you going again.

But it’s OK to do something else for a while. Beekeeping will come back, or it won’t. And no matter what, it is alright!


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