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S07E03 – NutGuest: Rene EncarnacionMusic: Flexadecibel
Music: Dirty Girl Pre-show: · How Are Ya Now? Cosplay Contest.· Independent Bands.· Voicemail Number – (304) 50-FERDA· Encouraging words: Kelli Kohrherr @KKhohrherr – Could use an encouraging word from their favorite shirt-tuckers.Music this week: FlexadecibelGuest this week: Rene EncarnacionIntroduction of guest: o Voicemail for youo PlugsRecap of last episode: S07E02 Red Card Yellow Card· Wonderful chat with Ruthie Love This week’s episode deep dive: S07E03 Nut
End of Show:

Final thoughts…Next Week:o S07E04 – Letterkenny vs. Pennyo Guest: AWESOME· Farewells
Music for this showBand: Flexadecibel
Location: Muskegon, MI
Intro: Dirty Girl
Outro: Endever How Are Ya Now? Podcast Spotify Playlist -

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