132 - Unleash the Apple M1 beast


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Symfony has updated their documentation design and it looks pretty slick.

Great index page. I think there are some spacing and UX issues but on the whole it’s a welcomed improvement but I do wish it had a search feature.

Package typo squatting.

A package that has a miss spelled name is being used to trick 300 million websites harmful PHP code

I have finally have upgraded my MacBook Pro, I got the MacBook Pro M1 Max -

  • 16 inch
  • 10 Core CPU - 32 Core GPU
  • 64 GB unified memory
  • 4 TB storage

It would seem that they have got two halves of their pro lineup. The first one is what they call Power to go. And the other is termed as Super charged for pros.

Some good things

  • Battery didn’t shrink so you can still use them on plans
  • They add back the ports
  • They made trade offs with weight and sizes.
  • They added a 1080p web camera but that comes with a notch
  • The pros still come with fans - 140W charger
  • Mag safe and USB C charging
  • Max allows for 7 streams of 8k video
  • Max has 400GB memory bandwidth
  • Allows for 4 monitors to be connected.
  • Magic keyboard with Touch ID
  • No more Touch ID

You can get the 14 inch pro machines with M1 Max but I’m not sure what the thermals will be like.

Possible concerns.

  • This is my first M1 MacBook and I’m not 100% of what ARM support all the Docker images I use have.
  • I’m not sure how the battery will handle USBC charging and Magsafe. I connect my monitors via USB-C
  • I’ve never used rosetta 2. I’m not sure yet what other tools that I use require it.
  • How does the new SSD’s support the Docker file system?
  • Will the delivery get pushed out due to shortages?

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