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House keeping

1) We have a new website for the podcast with a shiny new contact form.

2) The assets are now back on the main site. Unfortunately due to a timing and backend error the images were unavailable for a short while. This has now been resolved.

3) I’m planning a new PHP course live on YouTube. I will be doing this every Tuesday at around 6 PM BST. The course is beginner friendly and free. It will cover PHP session management and the learner will be building a login form with a secured user dashboard. The course will use vanilla PHP and CSS. So no frameworks.

4) This weekend I will be streaming on Saturday on Twitch instead of Sunday. We re going to fix some bugs on the podcast website and work on some other related HTCW things.

5) I’ve been making more coder based YouTube shorts. I’ve recently published two short form PHP tutorials which are doing really well. The first teaches the spaceship operator and the second teaches the null coalescing operator. I have more to come including PHP 8 tutorials so keep an eye out for those.


1) Gentle reminder to update to PHP 8. PHP 7 was released in 2015 and loses Active support for PHP 7.4 will end on November 28, 2021. Extended support for PHP 7 will end on November 28, 2022. After November 28, 2022, Microsoft will no longer support PHP.

2) Bash autocompletion is coming to Symfony console. This adds support for autocompletion when using commands, option names and also allows dynamically contextually complete values for arguments and options. It means you can add custom completion support to your own commands, and OSS projects.

3) The Missouri governor has released a fund-raising video stating that “Digging around the HTML” is a crime in Missouri. This is after social security numbers of teachers were found in the HTML code. (Code that would be in clear text in HTML or at the least base 64 encoded). Apparently Journalists were able to hack the HTML source code. You can’t make this up. This is the problem with having someone in power who is surrounded by yes people.

4) Microsoft is losing confidence with some .NET developers after removing Hot Reloading feature from .Net

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