134 - Should PHP bugs go on GitHub


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There is an RFC https://wiki.php.net/rfc/github_issues which discusses the need to move the PHP bug tracker to GitHub. In this episode I am going to give talk about 5 reasons I think this is a good idea and 5 reasons why I think this is a bad idea.

I would love to hear what you think. Let me know

5 Reasons why the PHP community should use GitHub to host their bug tracker

1. Provides a Gatekeeper

Currently on bugs.php.net anyone can submit a bug report without registering an account. GitHub requires a GitHub account for issue submission.

2. GitHub EcoSystem

Issues on GitHub can be matched against code commits, change logs can be automated, GitHub has decent project management and work flow tools, GitHub actions can be used for automated tasks and there will be a unified experience across the other GitHub php repositories.

3. Everyone knows GitHub

GitHub has taken over the programming world. Everyone knows about it, everyone can use it. This lowers the barrier of entry whilst still ensuring that authors of issues are held accountable for their comments.

4. Not our infrastructure, Not our problem

The GitHub infrastructure is managed by GitHub not by the PHP community.

5. Time saver

We can spend our time building better things for the PHP world instead of building and maintaining a bug tracker.

5 Reasons why the PHP community should not use GitHub to host their bug tracker

1. If it breaks we can’t fix it

If GitHub goes down then we go down. PHP is at the mercy of GitHub and their issues.

2. Once you’re in the ecosystem it’s hard to get out

Making the decision to move away from GitHub will be harder than deciding to move away from bugs.php.net And if we needed to make the decision in the future we will need to support GitHub integrations.

3. We have to play by the GitHub rules

If GitHub doesn’t allow a country access then tough. We have to play by another companies rules

4. We could build something better

If time and money wasn’t an issue then we could build something better which is more tailored towards PHP and better meets the needs of the needs of the PHP community. The bug track could also be a great place to eat our own PHP dog food.

5. We have to follow the GitHub road map

Whatever that may be and where ever that may lead us.

Something about having many eggs in one basket

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