Trend Story: 'Less is More' with Klaus Wagener


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“Less is more" says Klaus Wagener of Minden, Germany. Explaining the emerging post-pandemic trend. That doesn't mean doing without. It suggests developing a lifestyle of "consuming consciously while preserving natural resources."

Klaus is the CEO and creative director of BLOOM's Medien publishing house. This well-respected trends forecaster, floral stylist, teacher, and author is fascinated by trends. He encourages florists to develop trend stories that connect new products with environmentally responsible consumers. "It must be an honest story," he cautions. He believes that sustainability and honesty will now play a major role in the development of new products. Klaus sees a growing appreciation for seasonal materials, local products, and the gifts of nature as a guiding spirit of the times. He asks the question - "Is 'less' sometimes not even 'more?'

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