Episode 57 | ‘Drip Out’ Learning – Make it Fun and Engaging with Isaac Tolpin


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Our guest this week is an innovator and disruptor in the field of education, learning, and development. Isaac Tolpin is an entrepreneur and futurist at heart and he is on a mission to enable brands to authentically connect and inform at scale. In this episode, Isaac explains what’s driving the shift in how people are learning. He explains what microlearning is, how it’s created and why it addresses learner needs, achieving up to 100% learner retention, with optional participation. Isaac is a keynote speaker, a digital marketer, and an Edtech disrupter – a true pioneer in what is now referred to as micro training technology. He is a co-founder of ConveYour.com, a company that provides microlearning software for a society with ‘fruit fly’ attention spans. It helps companies breathe life into and convey their content in a more effective way, remixing it into a fun, addicting experience.

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