#008: The Groundbreaking Approach to Language Acquisition /w Award-winning Prof. Stephen Krashen


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If you‘ve ever tried or are learning a language and haven‘t heard of the award-winning Prof. Krashen and his theory on second language acquisition, then you‘re in for a real treat and this episode will certainly blow your mind with things you probably haven’t heard yet - and you’ll likely get addicted to language learning.

To answer some of the following questions, I talk to Prof. Stephen Krashen, one of the most prolific and most frequently cited scholars in the field of language education:

  • Why language learning is still largely ineffective and hasn’t fundamentally improved over the last decades
  • How Krashen’s theory about language acquisition, despite it being over 40 years old, remains groundbreaking
  • Why you can‘t learn a language by simply speaking it, contrary to popular belief
  • How he can boldly claim that everyone acquires language in the same manner
  • Why language learning is a subconscious process that can‘t be „turned off“
  • Why there’s a strict separation between language acquisition and learning and why consciously learned language can only be used to monitor language output, but never be the source of spontaneous speech
  • In which particular order language is acquired and why that order does not change between learners, and is also not affected by explicit instruction
  • Why learning grammar does not improve language acquisition
  • Why it‘s simply not true that children acquire languages more easily than adults and provide overwhelming scientific evidence to back up this claim
  • How to apply his theory in practice
  • And finally, discuss the the most powerful tool we have in language education

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