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On the surface, this is a collection of surprising and unusual stories from the history of science. But Dan Riskin digs deeper. He draws connections between those stories and the challenges facing modern day medical researchers. It’s historical wisdom mixed with modern insight. Along the way we will learn how Neptune was discovered using math, why Fredrick Banting had to sell his car, and what scientific mistake sent Joseph Sledge to prison for three decades. We will explore the idea of a “Eureka” moment by asking ‘Is that a real thing?’ and ‘Why was Archimedes naked when he said it?’ There are dozens of questions like that: Does Snake Oil actually contain snakes? How did the Jeep get its name? Why did the electric car fail to dominate the market, despite support from Henry Ford and Thomas Edison? Was Ignaz Semmelweis a genius, or a fool? Can you prevent polio by cleaning the streets? And who brought the first elephant to England? We will take an honest look at the ethics of giving away a discovery like Fredrick Banting did with insulin, or trying to profit from it. If you are intrigued by science, get excited about the process of discovery, and want to have the best stories at your next dinner party, this is the show for you. SciMar is a medical research company looking for a new way to detect, treat and cure Type-2 Diabetes. Rather than insulin from the pancreas, they are focused on a different hormone that comes from the liver -- something called HISS (hepatic insulin sensitizing substance.) We will use historical stories to shine a light on where this modern company is headed.

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