Racism and Sensing Space with Mitzi Melanie Wilson


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A conversation sensing into the practice of accountability and repair with Mitzi Melaine Wilson. We discuss racism, wisdom on the resourcing power of yoga, as well as exclusive spaces in yoga. We also arrive at the exclusionary space of yoga's social media, which is how we got here initially....

Mitzi Melaine Wilson is a yoga teacher and consultant for non-profits with leadeship roles in behavioural health, community development, criminal justice and youth and young adult development. She is also a self described mystic. She loves observing life and all the magic the universe holds. The practices she shares are inspired by her own personal growth and healing experiences. Her goal is to be a healer by helping people in communities reconcile psyche and soul.

After posting about "where theories of power and oppression meet policy" on social media, someone I mutually followed (Mitzi) initially "Liked" the post and disconnected from me on social media. Wanting to check in and own the possible impact of my post, I reached out to Mitzi and offered to chat, if she was interested. That was all - to connect and discuss what happened - but the potential for our conversation was evident. We decided to record the conversation and then decide if it would become a podcast.

We wanted to share that yoga and its practices can cultivate the skillfulness to talk about racism, and as Mitzi shares toward the end of our chat, this is the beginning of ongoing conversations.

Mitzi also wanted to share that she "honours Michelle Cassandra Johnson and her book Skill in Action. I also acknowledge my mentor/teacher Linda Sama Karl, as well as all the teachers that saw me and were a part of my journey. I also acknowledge and honor my father and all my ancestors so presently with me.

As well as Sonya Renee Taylor, I have been greatly influenced by her work. In addition, the work Healing Justice frame shared by Prentis Hemphill. There are many more and I extend gratitude and appreciation for all who resource me with the words and wisdom known and unknown."


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