INTOXICA RADIO September 19th, 2017


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TONITE!!! Intoxica Radio live! The full on Rock N Roll Free-kout, fork-in (WAR), fuck-up!!!! Loads of stuff never heard before!!! grab your Intoxidrool cup©, plug in your iTard©, strap yourself in the spinning (and sometimes talking) chair, and join me tonite ALIVE!!! At 9PM Karloffornia time at and help me make two hours disappear like it was five minutes sorta like a DMT trip at 45 RPM!!! Incredible art by Pat Redding!! #intoxicaradio #howiepyro #patredding #patreddingscanlon #rocknroll #radio #45rpm #rhythmandblues #soul #rockabilly #surf #garagerock #luxuriamusic

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