Florian Unkel: German Push


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Like a compulsive gambler in a casino – who can´t walk away from the slot machines – Florian can´t stop starting new projects and working hard, pushing forward…

He has founded different companies in Germany and in Spain, he is also a lecturer in European Economics at the Menendez Pelayo International University.

In this conversation, he tells me about:

  • His secrets to lead two successful careers simultaneously.
  • How risky it is for an entrepeneur to bet the farm for a potential cash-out that might never come.
  • One of the industries where he sees potential for growth in the near future.
  • What to do about the demographic cliff that threatens economic growth in Europe.
  • What he does to get things done.

Florian is insightful and very proactive in the way he approaches business. We need more of those.

Flow, my friend.


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