A Journey Within with Author LouAnne Ludwig


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Take some happiness + joy and then throw in a little work addiction and perfectionism and you have a journey within...

“So many of us crave meaning and joy in our lives we look for something larger than ourselves something outside our everyday existence that will deliver us to a higher consciousness filled with happiness.” LouAnne Ludwig

LouAnne’s storyline is so captivating! Hear what led her to write it this way. Spoiler Alert: The main protagonist in this seeker story is a boy, not a woman. There’s a backstory on it!

Reflect on how the choices we make can create our path

Big change can bring skepticism. Buy in or Rise Above.Traci shares how she thinks she might’ve gotten it right this time with bringing all her passions togetherAbout LouAnne Ludwig:LouAnne Ludwig, author of: A Journey Within, was previously a hard driven real estate agent who found she had spiritual gifts that led to her new work in a very different field. LouAnne is now devoted to a practice of empathic dream analyzing and life process readings.

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