Yes, Cyber Stalking + Bullying can happen to you! with guest Alison Maloni


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In this episode:

Alison Maloni shares her very personal story about how posting on social media about her life led to cyber stalking and her tips on how the every day person can prevent it from happening to them.

Do you know how to set up your privacy settings on your social media?

You do not have to be a Kardashian to be stalked on social media resulting in a real life assault.

Do you post your running routes? Do you tag locations with your selfies?

Did you know you can identify the people who are viewing your stories on social media?

Learn how to ghost yourself on social media.

Check your privacy settings for your photos on your phone. People can find where you are from the pictures you send them.

What do you do as a parent to keep up with your kids’ social media accounts?

Cyber Bullying can be proven if you take a screenshot.

The number way you can get hacked is by using public wi-fi.

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