Business Partner. Friend or Foe.


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Which came first the partnership or the friendship? What are the personal and professional impacts..either way? Our guest, Jessica Rhodes & Margy Feldhuhn, share how they co-create together in business and life.

In this episode:

  • Advantages of having a business partner vs being a solo entrepreneur.
  • What happens to your perspective when you shift from being someone’s employee to being someone’s business partner?
  • Learn 3 reasons why having a business partner can make you a better business owner.
  • Your best friends and business partners. What happens when the sh*t hits the fan at work?
  • How can business partners utilize each others strengths to fill gaps in the weak areas?
  • Why are venture capitalists afraid of partnerships and spouses that work together?
  • Why you should sign a business pre-nup before official business partners?


There is no better way to problem solve than to bounce ideas off someone else and get their perspective. If you don't have a business partner then seek out an accountability partner or find other business entrepreneurs in your same industry or of a similar age and exchanges ideas for creative business solutions.

How you feel is not a result of what other people are doing it's all about how you are processing what other people are doing and then internalizing it. Pay attention to you are saying in your head about yourself and about other people. Feelings are not always factual.

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