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In this episode:

Relationship Magic; Waking Up Together

Guy reveals a BIG secret that is not in his “BIO” about his experiences in the music industry.

The most abundant resource on this planet is our relationships.

How patterns impact our relationships.

Relationships are the basis of the important revelations we have about ourselves.

Love is far more important than my past.

Love is present.

Love does not harm another human being.

Love does not bring back old issues to prove they exist.

When we fight with our significant others it is because we are both in pain.

It’s the pain that picks the fight.

You are not responsible for my feelings.

The real addiction is to the false sense of self.

When it comes to workaholism...We become slaves to the accolades. Our false sense of self is what turns us into the slaves and takes what we love and turn it into our own prisons.

Why do we feel alone?

Have you ever felt alone when you are inside a relationship?

Traci's Takeaways:

The story is the same the details are different...Until you recognize how to change the patterns. ~ Traci DeForge

Relationships get stale because we stop communicating with each other about the truth that has brought us together to begin with. ~ Guy Finley


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