There is no quick fix


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Everyone is looking for the magic pill but taking the long road leads to better results not only in weight loss but also in life. Our guest, Jessi Culyer, is a wife and a mom of 3 kids who is passionate about helping women figure out the missing link in their health.

In this episode:

~ Do your homework on nutrition and understand what it is that you're taking in.

~ Did you know sugar is 8x more addicting than cocaine?

~ Shop the perimeter of the grocery store not the internal aisles.

~ If you think of your entire life as a puzzle. There are different pieces of the puzzle that all have to be there in order for you to be healthy.

~ There is a lot of misinformation and confusion about the food industry and in the weight loss industry. This is mainly due to the fact they are large profit centers and the confusion is by design.

~You’ve got to do more than just sit in front of your computer and sniff lavender all day to be healthy


Think about decisions that you make out of habit - At any point you're feeling resistant to change stop and pause in that moment and ask yourself “Am I doing this because it's what's best for me? Or “Am I doing this because it's something I've always done?

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