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Do you think English is going to play an important role in K-Pop music?

You are hearing more and more English in K-Pop songs these days and more K-Pop idols can speak English. This might have a part in K-Pop growing a larger International market. Special guest Saber Lane joins the podcast again to discuss with Scott, Adam, and Marco how English is becoming a bigger role in K-Pop music, how English can play towards K-Pop’s success globally, if it’s important for K-Pop Idols to know and study English, does English in K-Pop help with younger generations of Koreans wanting to learn English, and what the future of English in the K-Pop industry is going to be.

It’s all about English in K-pop on this episode of K-PoD! Show Notes
  • 01:42 A brief introduction of our guest, Saber Lane, why she got into K-Pop music, and her favorite K-Pop band.
  • 02:48 Marco goes into some of his favorite K-Pop bands and his background with K-pop.
  • 03:15 K-pop has become a lot more popular around the world and everyone discusses if they think English has anything to do with that international success.
  • 05:05 Blackpink has members that have lived abroad, and Marco and Saber talk about how more K-Pop idols are living or coming from abroad countries.
  • 06:18 BTS has a member of the band that speaks English and Marco and Saber tell how he learned English and if that played any role in the band’s success globally.
  • 08:36 Some of the strange English you might have heard in older and newer K-Pop songs.
  • 09:28 Some of the reasons and opinions on why K-Pop has become so appealing outside of Korea.
  • 14:45 Do we think English will become a necessity for K-Pop bands and Idols, and other important languages K-Pop bands learn?
  • 17:08 Bands with English speaking members and its importance with doing interviews and promoting their own brand.
  • 18:28 Is the use of English in K-Pop influencing younger Koreans to learn and study English?
  • 23:00 Do K-Pop bands have expiry dates, what happens to bands when members get a little older, and how do they stay relevant.
  • 27:08 Have any of us used K-Pop in our classrooms or to help with teaching English and if we think it could be used.
  • 29:35 Where we see the future of English in the K-Pop industry and how it could help it.
  • 31:55 Adam wants to be a K-Pop star! How can he do it? Does he have to change his name? Some K-Pop idols that use common English names.
  • 32:35 Some of our favorite K-Pop songs and why some song titles are in English or translated to English.
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HOSTS Scott Scott is one of the original hosts of K-PoD (formally The Changwoner Podcast) and also the founder and producer of the show. He is also the founder of Changwoner Entertainment. He is from Newfoundland, Canada and has been living in Changwon, South Korea for almost 17 years. - Facebook: https://goo.gl/VTk37j Instagram: https://goo.gl/qJv8ZX Adam Adam is one of the hosts of K-PoD. He started as a host last season in 2018. Adam is from Ontario, Canada and has lived in Changwon City, South Korea for 8 years. Facebook: https://goo.gl/UuKwLh Instagram: https://goo.gl/DHJ2Gt Marco Marco is now one of the new hosts of K-PoD. Marco is from Columbus, OH, United States and has lived in Changwon City, South Korea for almost 3 years. Facebook: https://goo.gl/ZCX9Qe Instagram: https://goo.gl/w2G95c Website: https://kpop.global Paul Paul is one of the original hosts and founders of K-PoD (The Changwoner). Paul is originally from England and he currently continues to live in Changwon City where he has lived for the past 16 years. Facebook: https://goo.gl/JGbYLA Instagram: https://goo.gl/1nrmQq

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