Tinder, Dating, and Foot Fetishes in South Korea. -guest Rebekah Calhoun (Ep 49)


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Tinder, other apps, dating and foot fetishes in Korea!

Rebekah Calhoun is coming to the end of her first year of teaching in South Korea. From Buffalo NY, she stops by the podcast to talk about living in a more rural area in South Korea. Next, she talks about some of her travels she went on during her year spent in Korea. After that, Rebekah also talks about using the app 'TINDER' in Korea. Also, both Adam and Rebekah explain what TINDER is and why you would use it. Rebekah also joins the panel to chat about dating in Korea, foot fetishes, and kinks. Lastly, we hear about her future plans and her final thoughts on her year in South Korea.

It's a podcast of fetishes, dating, and Tinder in Korea for this episode of K-PoD!

Show Notes
  • 02:12 First, Rebekah talks about her hometown Buffalo NY and why she came to South Korea.
  • 04:20 Next, we get 'The turtle on the roof story' and Rebekah's travels to Vietnam and Japan.
  • 06:25 Also, Adam and Rebekah both talk about TINDER and using it in Korea.
  • 08:30 Another experience using TINDER in Korea and people into FOOT FETISHES.
  • 12:30 Therefore, some kinks that everyone has and being a woman on TINDER.
  • 14:05 Hence, the ideal first TINDER date and what you should expect from it.
  • 16:10 While living in a more rural area of South Korea, Rebekah gives her overall experience in South Korea.
  • 18:18 In addition, Co-teachers and co-workers in Korea.
  • 21:50 Another great story, 'Korea #1, Canada #2'.
  • 22:57 As a result of living in Korea, she got a gold tooth and why she got it done here.
  • 25:25 Finally, the future plans for Rebekah and what she is going to do next.

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