Season 2: Week 36


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The guys enter through a false wind tunnel in the midst of ASMR sound checks.

This week:

4:45- DC shuts KC up immediately to cheer his new favorite team.

8:45- KC shuts him up right back to advocate pedo-phobia.

14:45- Jail? No problem - You put what in that clowns balloons?!

16:00- KC resigns to soggy news.

* THE worm toy, not YOUR worm toy

* Florida Man…

* Black men in Russia not naked in museums

32:00- Our hilarious listeners walking in on KC and DC teaching teens about social media failures.

1:00:00- “We have a ‘2 closed doors policy’ here actually!”

1:10:55- ***MOVIE QUOTE*** It's winning time.

1:16:00- Dear Leaders have their praises sung

1:25:30- Elder “Richards,” I presume?

Having killed it yet again,the guys finish plugging their nonsense and close out the show. And do it as always like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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