LOTF 17: The Changeling, by Victor LaValle


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In this episode we’re discussing Victor LaValle’s The Changeling, which is about “One man’s thrilling journey through an enchanted world to find his wife, who has disappeared after supposedly committing an unforgivable act of violence, from the award-winning author of the The Devil in Silver, Big Machine and The Ballad of Black Tom."

Show Notes

Mackenzie has an exciting announcement!

Lisa talks about how this book examines how fucking scary social media and our technology-driven lives are and made it scarier than it already is.

Lisa discusses "the pivotal scene" in the book

Mackenzie talks about word choice and repetition, and how that’s a fairy tale thing. Lisa agrees and discusses the repetition of Apollo's dream. This Is Horror podcast episode 161, interview with Victor LaValle

Lisa discusses echoes of great authors. Stephen King: Pet Sematary; Neil Gaiman: American Gods; Joe Hill: The Fireman

Mackenzie ponders the purpose of the North Brother Island in the book

Mackenzie rants: The fact that Emma is a witch is never fucking used! Not REALLY. Lisa counters this with her own thoughts.

Mackenzie and Lisa each share what they learned from this book.

Favorite quotes.

Favorite parts.

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