Lighten Up #95: Tricia Goyer


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Today I'm talking with Tricia Goyer, author of several million books and mother of several billion kids, about her new book, Calming Angry Kids. Um, you guys, does anybody else have some kids who get a little ragey from time to time or maybe a lot? I mean, don't raise your hand, but I will quietly fist bump you without naming names. Tricia has dealt with some serious anger in her home and offers us some great advice. We talk about how to calm your kids down when they're angry, how to handle it when your kid's anger is directed at you, and most importantly, how to build a relationship with your angry kid when it's hard. I wish I had Tricia on speed dial when things heat up around here, but I have the next best thing, our conversation today. If the anger is burning red hot and heavy, listen in and lighten up!

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