Ep 26: Ways To Identify, Prioritize, and Scale Acquisition Channels & Platforms (with Nicki Friis, Founder & CEO at NICQI)


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• The 4-step process to identify, prioritize, and scale acquisition efforts • A clear indicator to find the right product market fit • Increasing average revenue per user - The good and bad • How to choose an acquisition channel that is a good fit for your company • Ways to know if a channel is an opportunity • How to form cohesive strategies and adopting them over time _______________ To know more about Nickii: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickifriis/ Learn more about Hippo Video: www.hippovideo.io Visit: https://bit.ly/3004nkM to get updates on the upcoming episodes and share what we're learning on your social handles. Check out our #Limitless Webinar Series: https://www.hippovideo.io/webinars.html Tweet us @thehippovideo

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