Episode 556: Dr. Matthew Wickman, BYU Professor, Wonderful New Book


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My friend Dr. Matthew Wickman (BYU Professor of English and Founding Director, Emeritus, of the BYU Humanities Center) joins us to talk about his new book called “Life to the Whole Being, The Spiritual Memoir of a Literature Professor”. The great book (published by the BYU Maxwell Institute) is available at: https://www.amazon.com/Life-Whole-Being-Spiritual-Literature/dp/0842500618/ In the podcast, Dr. Wickman tells us why he wrote the book, who is hopes will read it and how he hopes it will help readers. If you are in a faith crisis, wondering where God is in the complexities of mortality, want to develop more faith and/or want better tools to help others, this book/podcast will help you. If you have loved ones no longer in the Church, this podcast will help you feel more peace. I was deeply moved during the podcast with Dr. Wickman’s wonderful insights and soft heart. I feel more peace and have more hope. Thank you, Matt, for being on the podcast and your great and needed work in our faith community. I encourage everyone to read your book.

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