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On this special Thanksgiving ep, Tim Nordwind joins Alexi to talk The David Lynch Foundation, meditation, psychedelics, relationships, medication, The Hills (then and now), all of his musical projects (XXT, Ok Go, Pyyramids), immersive experiences, and so much more! And the show ends with three songs Alexi and Tim made a million years ago! Enjoy!

X.X.T has a new EP and video out called Insomniac. EP out on Spotify. Video (directed by Tim Nordwind himself!) is out now on YouTube. For more info, go to: XXT.Life



OKGOSandbox.org is the not-for-profit organization started this year where OkGo make teaching tools for teachers and try to help students learn through the joy, wonder, and fun of OK Go music videos.

OK Go is playing at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater Winter gala fundraiser December 1st at the Pasadena Playhouse. Tickets and information on how to donate can be found at: bobbakermarionettetheater.com. All proceeds go to help the theater move into a new home after 60 years in their previous magical space.

OK Go will also be on tour this year and next at performance art centers around the country with their Live Video Retrospective Tour. They live score their videos along with q&a sessions, interactive musical moments, and live video recreations. It’s fun for the whole family vibes.

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