154 Tessa and Amir Interview


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EPISODE 154: Interview with Tessa and Amir.

Tessa & Amir have been in an open relationship - 'from swolly to poly' for the last 14 years! They are a deeply experimental and creative couple who have been joyfully married for over 30 years. They have three adult kids: one is married while two are flowing in and out of the home as they find their way in the world – particularly now during COVID. Tessa is focused on living mindfully and playfully. She has been meditating for many years, and is an educator, movement, mindfulness and sensuality coach and public speaker, and has created her own mindfulness and movement programs for kids, women and seniors. Tessa loves the feeling of the sun, the wind, and nature through all of her senses. You can often find her in the woods or on the beach, meditating, dancing or drumming. Paying close attention to the people and the world around her, and believing that by holding the pain and messiness of life, sorrows yield to the delights and connections possible in every moment through an open heart. Amir is a successful serial entrepreneur, a hobby DJ of late-night radio, music collector extraordinaire, and antique radio collector. He is a photographer and a visionary thinker, continually finding new vantage points of creative and business expression.

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