Creating an Immersive Tech Museum…From Dinosaurs to Spaceships


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Listen In To Learn:

  • How to choose durable, reliable technology for years of use
  • How to build more efficient data centers
  • How creativity and technology combined to create a $330 million science center

Creativity and Technology Combine to Power a $330 Million Science Museum
Brooks Weisblat started his career with a degree in biology and an interest in a promising new technology: The world wide web. He started work as a web developer at a small science museum in Miami… and two decades later, he was planning the technological backbone for a $330 million new building.

The Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is a 250,000 square foot state-of-the-art marvel. Every part of it, from the exhibits to the wildlife tanks to the gift shop, uses the latest technology to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Building these interconnected systems was a massive undertaking for Brooks and a small team of developers.

In this episode, Brooks talks about the challenges he and his team faced in planning these systems. Brooks and his team had to get creative to build robust, redundant, but also space and resource-efficient systems for everything from shark tank life support to mobile point of sale devices.

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