Keeping Eyes Healthy and Saving Vision…with Artificial Intelligence


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  • How scientists are working to eliminate bias and error in AI training
  • How practitioners are developing algorithms that can win FDA approval
  • How AI can supplement and even exceed human capability in reading medical scans
  • What’s coming next for AI in healthcare

New Algorithms Could Detect Eye and Brain Disorders Earlier than Humans Can
Eyes are more than the “windows to the soul.” They’re the visible parts of our nervous system, an extension of the brain that breaches the safe house of the skull. As such, ocular health and neurological health are intertwined. The most skilled ophthalmologists can read ocular scans to not only look for eye disease, but also traces of a host of neurological disorders.

Voxeleron is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to, as they put it, “democratize expertise.” Their algorithms hold the promise of delivering expert-level diagnostic capabilities to any lab with a scanning device. What’s more, their algorithms already show signs of exceeding human capability in predicting certain eye diseases.

Jonathan Oakley and Daniel Russakoff, both Principal Scientists at Voxeleron, outline the methodology they use to train AI up to clinical standards. They also offer a fascinating look at just how far the technology has advanced already, and what the future holds for AI in healthcare.

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