Telling Real Stories… with Virtual Sets


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Listen In To Learn:

  • How volumetric video and virtual reality could revolutionize medicine, education, and more
  • How virtual sets are helping the film industry reduce environmental impact
  • How these technologies can democratize storytelling, helping underrepresented populations tell their own stories

Hollywood's Alternative Soundstage
Imagine shooting a film on location in Tokyo, Paris, and London… all without leaving a soundstage in California. Each environment is digitally rendered in such detail that you can place lights, move cameras, and film on the virtual set just as you would a physical one.

Now imagine that technology used for training medical students: A virtual reality headset could replicate a state-of-the-art operating room with millions of dollars’ worth of equipment. And each student could have their own.

Sony Innovation Studios is pioneering “volumetric video” – the process of scanning sets in 30k resolution to reproduce them in three-dimensional virtual space. Explore the possibilities of this groundbreaking technology with studio President Glenn Gainor.

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