Driving Digital Transformation…Through Leadership, Humility and Empathy


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  • How to reduce risk and get buy-in for digital transformation
  • How to identify the right starting point to begin the process
  • The guiding principles of leadership during transformation and beyond
  • How to address the four most significant barriers to transformation

The Human Element of Digital Transformation
“The shoemaker’s children go barefoot.” It’s a common proverb that applies across industries: The thing you do best for others can be the hardest to do for yourself.

Dell Technologies is leading the charge for digital transformation. They help businesses reinvent themselves through technology to run faster, more efficiently and ultimately to greater success. It’s up to folks like Greg Bowen, SVP, Digital Acceleration & CTO, Dell Digital, to make sure that the same transformation is happening internally.

Greg is accelerating Dell’s digital transformation by looking beyond just technology. For Greg, it’s a human challenge as much as a technical one – the challenge of convincing 10,000 employees to make radical changes in the way they work. Using Pivotal Labs methodologies, Dell is making a tremendous shift in how its own IT organization, called Dell Digital, operates to quickly design, develop, iterate and deliver new products and capabilities.

Greg explains how the process is underway at Dell Digital, the IT organization that supports Dell, and how you can get started with your business.

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