Episode 11: Mary Catherine Eden and Mercadi Carlson


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Photo by Jesse Wheeler

Photo by Jesse Wheeler

The delightful duo of Mary Catherine Eden and Mercadi Carlson - you may know them as @tradprincess and @mersendyclimberson on Instagram- join us for a delightful conversation about female climbing partners, crying, hotboxing, and your mom. Mary and Cadi (say it like "Sadie" people) are rock and canyoneering guides with Red River Adventures in Moab, Utah and super rad photographers. Self-described crack addicts, these two are at home at The Creek AND push them selves to be well-rounded climbers. Also, they funny.

If you'd like to see more from Cadi and Mary find them on Instagram as @mersendyclimberson and @tradprincess. You can also track them down at Red River Adventures. AND if you're interested in their matching pants, as featured in this photo, check out Brush + Cloth.

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