Membership Site Planning: Part 1 - Episode #4


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This mini-series on membership site planning is really good as I'm going to start with the basic concepts but by the end of this mini-series, you should have a lot more clarity how to structure and organize things in your membership site, and also the order in which you should release things to maximize the profits from your membership site. My goal is to help you launch your membership site, without getting overwhelmed or stressed out, with proper planning and execution.

A profitable membership site uses a mix of free and paid content, offers it in a structured, easy-to-consume, logical order to guide the members from their start state to their desired end state, in a step-by-step fashion, without overwhelming them, ultimately delivering the promised transformation.

In this episode, I'm going to talk about membership site terminology so we are on the same page when we reference content, products, levels etc. I want you to completely understand some of key membership site concepts before we deep dive into membership site planning.

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