5 - Down With The Clowncast

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It's Halloween and we're getting in the holiday spirit, so get ready for everything you ever wanted to know about clowns including are clowns even scary, are clowns racist, and who is America's Top Juggalo? (It's Ryan Murphy.) Plus, we're playing an all new game "AHS or ICP" with special guest judge Jeff, and Meghann and Kelsey tell us all about their favorite Halloween costumes from years gone by, then have their own terrifying paranormal experience LIVE ON TAPE!

WARNING: This episode does not contain any actual clowns, but it will make you laugh like the Joker, so summon your coven or loosely-organized-hybrid-gang, put on your face paint, and get ready for My Good Bad Taste!

Topics Include: Slutty Halloween Costumes, Taking Fake Wound Makeup A Little Too Far, The Most Haunted Places On Earth, Scottish Ghost Stories, Becoming a Revenge Ghost, The Best Halloween Ever AKA The Saga of Becky and Tiffany, Being Really Good At Pumpkin Carving, Legitimate EVP Happening Right In The Middle Of The Dang Podcast, Meghann Takes Us All To Clown College, Jack Handy, Trickster Myths Throughout History, Commedia dell'arte, Court Jesters, Sad Clowns, Happy Clowns, Scary Clowns, Real Life Clown Pranksters, Minstrel Shows, John Wayne Gacy, Coulrophobia, Juggalos Are Not A Gang, The Miracles Music Video, High School Juggalette Memories, IT Movie Review, American Horror Story, A Surprisingly Hard AHS or ICP Quote Game

Check out some of the books, movies, and shows Meghann and Kelsey mentioned this episode:

Hocus Pocus

IT (2017)

American Horror Story: Freakshow, Coven, and Cult

Gathering of the Juggalos

"Miracles" music video

Pogo the clown"

What is a Juggalo?"

Clown Sightings

Audio Tracks: "I'm going to kill you" -Krusty the Clown: The Simpsons "Return to your place of origin" - Ghostbusters "AHS Theme" "What is a Juggalo" - Insane Clown Posse

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