The Aquarian Age Shift: Astrology, Impact & What It Means for You


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Hi my love, I am so excited to bring this solo episode out for you! One of my passions is making astrology relatable and witnessing how the astrology of the time is expressing itself in our world & every day lives. I truly geek out about this.
The Aquarian Age shift is truly exciting, ushering in a time of integration, equity, love & connection that has the resonance of a utopia when you explore it deeply. But the truth is, it's something we can bring about by our day to day actions & our commitments to taking personal accountability for a better self & a better world.
In the episode I explain:

  • What the Age of Aquarius is & How it works
  • What Saturn & Uranus have to do with the Aquarian shift
  • Soul purpose & life purpose & why that's so important now
  • Understanding the Pandemic & Racial Justice from a macro & cosmic level
  • Why the Age of Aquarius could be the healing the world is seeking
  • How to integrate the Age of Aquarius & why spiritual practice is a NON-NEGOTIABLE right now!
  • Why exploring the opposite of any zodiac sign gives you clues on how to progress your life & the movement (think Leo energy)
  • Harnessing your personal energy at this time
  • Some Astrology 101
  • Cosmic wisdom to help ease anxiety & fear
  • The power & healing energy of kindness
  • Empaths: being inspired + informed so you can make real change
  • What the Age of Aquarius means for Aquarians
  • + I answer some of the questions that came through on Instagram! @natalia_benson

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