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Motherhood. Postpartum. Relationships. We’re not experts, we’re moms just like you. We did the research, we read the books, we joined the clubs. And the more we learned about motherhood, the more we realized how many things aren’t talked about publicly.
This podcast is for you if:
• You’re looking for answers to match your experience.
• You ever feel frustrated with mom life and feel like you’re doing it wrong.
• You’re looking for your mama tribe that gets you.
• You feel misunderstood and overwhelmed by people’s opinions.
...Or maybe you just want to better understand the heck is going on!
We also know that there is SOOO much information on the internet and it can be overwhelming when you’re searching for answers.
So we’ve sought some of the best experts in their fields to give you actionable soundbytes, insights, and support that you can immediately implement into your life.
We’re here to do it together. Let’s get dirty and real and raw and let’s talk about it all!!
My name is Sonnet and I am Veronica and welcome to Not Your Mother’s Podcast.

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