23. Sophia Schwartz and Sean McCoy (GearJunkie) - Backcountry Skiing Gear


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Check out GearJunkie to learn more about McCoy. Also, make sure to check out and also their review of backcountry ski bindings.
Watch Sophia Schwartz’s new movie, Jack of All Trades to see her master a double backflip, take on Jackson Hole’s super steep “Trifecta,” and shred the Grand Teton. You can also follow Schwartz on Instagram to get a sense of what’s going down in the backcountry around her hometown of Jackson, Wyoming.
Learn more about avalanche safety at avalanche.org. Find and sign up for an avalanche education class with the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education.
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Episode Highlights: Best Backcountry Gear
5:30: Sophia describes what drew her out of the mogul course to backcountry skiing. The two disciplines are so different, yet the same.
7:00: Even though she is an expert skier who can pull off backflips, Sophia’s first big trip to the backcountry was a total disaster, and the gear was a big part of the problem. But it was still worth it though and here’s why.
8:30: Sophia talks about how she executed the transition to backcountry skiing and big mountain skiing, and how it made her “heart flutter.“
13:00: Sophia talks about her movie Jack of All Trades.
14:20: Sophia’s bought her first backcountry setup off the classified ads for just $250, showing us that even the pros start with a basic set up.
18:10: Sophia describes the difference in fitness between resort skiing and backcountry skiing.
20:15: GearJunkie’s Editorial Director, Sean McCoy, joins the conversation. GearJunkie is a web-based publication that is an authority on outdoor and adventure news, gear, and culture.
25:00: McCoy advises to invest in avalanche education and how to build your first backcountry kit, given the fact that the gear goes in many different directions.
26:45. Sophia rattles off what she carries into the backcountry.
28:45: How to select the proper avalanche beacon.
30:35: Sophia and Sean discuss avalanche air bags, how much they cost, and when they might use one.
36:00: Alpine touring boots versus alpine boots. Find out which boot Sophia and Sean use both in the resort and in the backcountry.
44:00: Backcountry ski bindings are a good place to shave weight from your set up.
52:00: Glopping of skins can be frustrating; here are Sophia’s tips to avoid “glop.”
55:30: Find out what’s in Sophia’s repair kit.
59:00: How to manage carrying your cell phone and your avalanche beacon, so the two devices don’t interfere with each other.
1:05: Sean and Sophia impart their final tips on getting out in the backcountry for the first time.

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