110: Six Minute Sex Ed w/ Kim Cavill


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Talking openly about sex is very new to me. I openly share about religion and parenting but have little experience sharing about my sex life. It feels very private so it’s hard to be vulnerable in that way. A lot of parents experience this same issue in trying to raise their own kids with healthy sexuality.

This week’s guest, Kim Cavill, struggled through the lack of sex education as a child and is now passionate about keeping other kids from going through what she did. Kim started teaching sexual education for people with disabilities and those who worked with them in Australia. She now hosts the podcast Six Minute Sex Ed. On her podcast, she gives children the information and tools they need to not be as vulnerable to sexual trauma and abuse. Tune in to hear Kim and I discuss sex ed and how to discuss sexuality honestly.

Show Highlights:

  • Kim’s story and her experience with religious trauma.
  • How to balance the privacy of our sex lives with the need to make those conversations open and public.
  • Why there is such a lack of sex ed in the home.
  • Research from the Kinsey Institute on our sexual identifications and behavior.
  • Why parents need to think of themselves more as a mentor to their kids than a teacher.
  • How to work through our own triggers when we talk to our kids about sex.
  • How to talk about sex-positivity in a sex-negative culture.
  • Why education isn’t a switch you can turn off and on.
  • How to stop carrying others’ trauma.
  • What our kids really want to hear from us about sex.

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