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Welcome to Pep Talks for Side Hustlers where your host Shannon Mattern shares her journey from side-hustling web designer to CEO of a multiple 6-figure web design education company - and all the successes and failures along the way. Shannon publishes monthly income reports breaking down how much her business makes, how much she spends and breaks down the business strategy behind the numbers each month. She also brings you interviews with entrepreneurs making from $50K to multiple millions of dollars and asks them all the nitty-gritty questions to find out exactly how they did it so you can do it too! Shannon's mission is to give you inspiration, motivation and education to support you in creating a full-time income from your own online business so that you can create the freedom, flexibility and financial independence you've been dreaming of. Get Shannon's Free DIY Web Design training at Get show notes and links to all the resources mentioned in each episode at Apply for your free invitation to watch Shannon's Full-Time Income Framework Training for Web Designers at

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