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Welcome back fellow travelers to Galaxy 666.

Today we ask “why?” No, not “why did we start this whole adventure in the first place,” ‘though we ask ourselves that a lot, but rather, “Why are we doing it?” The “it” is that thing you do because you feel you should, or because it matters. What does your “it” focus on? Is the “it” all about you? Are you being good so that YOU can go to heaven? Are you robbing the rich or robbing the poor so that YOU are better off? I think this is what ultimately bothers the shamelessly wealthy; money is power, but what do you do with the power that will matter?

So, ideas: save lives (but people will die anyway.) Protect the environment (but the Earth will be gone one day anyway? Preserve the past? (for whom? again, we all will die, the Earth will end, it will all end.)

So, how about this, what if we work to ensure there is no end? You and I, sure, we’ll end, but what if Mankind became immortal? What if Mankind lived as long as the universe existed? What if Mankind wasn’t dependent on the Earth for survival? Roll up those sleeves people–we have ark ships to build!

And ours is waiting for us now in Galaxy 666.


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