Session 66


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Welcome back fellow travelers to Galaxy 666.

We have reached the final chapter of Galaxy 666 and our journey begins to come to a close. Death, it is said, is only a end if you think the story is about you. A novel is the same. As it comes to a close, Spring continues to move into the Summer, the plans we made continue to unfold and unravel. We age, we procreate, we dream, we try, we fail.

We are in the middle of a never ending river that will carry us along for a short time, allowing us a brief interaction, before it leaves us behind and continues on to support, trick and amuse other travelers. The key feature of being a traveler is that sense of “just passing through,” of not being tied to where we are at the moment, or maybe anywhere. Maybe the journey that we are on is only one of millions of journeys of which we are a part. Some belong to us, some belong to others. Each eventually ending, just as others continue on.

So now, let us begin to end, remembering all of our other journeys, and those of those around us that will continue beyond Galaxy 666.


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