02/19/17 - Jim Carrigan - Let In the Good/Episode 1


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Jim Carrigan begins by rather simplifying the duality of his journey through life. At a certain point in many of our lives we begin to "become more comfortable opening (our) mind to, for lack of a better word let's say, the universe", Jim states. He continues to elaborate that through this openness you don't necessarily let in just the good, you also let in the bad. And when you do this, you let in these powers, energies, beings, whatever you want to call it, you let them into the world around you. This being your friends, your family, and in Jim's case, his wife and his child.

In part one Jim delicately paints the landscape of his outlook on life from childhood and into his 20's. A bright young person with a sensitive, hungry frame of mind and the ability to travel the world. We hear how the world can with all its alluring appeals can tug and draw you into dangerous and vulnerable situations. But someone like Jim, this is what satiates the appetite for life.

If I were to choose one word to describe Jim Carrigan, it would be "Pilgrim". Just as the rest of us are searching for answers and clues in this game or play, Jim's sensitivity, insight, and honesty makes him a welcomed traveler on my journey as well.

You can contact Jim Carrigan by visiting www.inkfreeinthe603.com and www.facebook.com/inkfreeinthe603

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