05/01/17 Katrina Elizabeth - God's Pee/Kundalini Crisis


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Katrina Elizabeth lives deep in the northern woods of Maine in a very very small house by the edge of a waterfall. She graciously allowed Nick to visit with her on her property to discuss a matter both of them feel they have endured. Katrina has suffered a complex experience that is known to some as a Kundalini Crisis. Timothy Leary described the Kundalini experience as a “rewarding phase” through what the Tibetan’s called the “First Bardo”. Professor R. C. Zaehner who was an Oriental scholar and expert on mysticism experienced the Kundalini Awakening and simply wrote “I did not like it at all.” Timothy Leary expressed the contrary, that a prepared person would be liberated by the awakening and would feel the immense sensations of joy and illumination. Unfortunately for most (the ill-prepared), the Kundalini awakening is observed without guidance, which is confusing, isolating, dissociating, and terrifying. Nick also believes he has experienced this same awakening, and feels a strong kinship with Katrina due to this. To describe the feeling of a Kundalini awakening would be similar to describing anxiety, PTSD, and disassociativeness. It’s ostensibly a conflict of higher nature and ego. Through working with meditation, psychedelics, yoga, and other spiritual work you ignite the ganglionic centers (chakra’s) to the brain. Thus releasing ones concepts and ideologies and freeing ones perception of reality. Yet the ego still clings and therefor liberation is lost. I mean you do have to go to work in the morning…

Katrina explains to Nick her work with Shamanism, and Reiki as well. After the podcast she performed Reiki on Nick for his first time.

Katrina Elizabeth is an intuitive healer and shamanic reiki practitioner living in rural Maine. She is also the creator of Ancestral Thread herbal tea and the vintage clothing curator at Moody Lords located in Portland Maine.

For more information search for @moodylordsvintage and @choon_tea on Instagram.

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Talkin' Like You (Two Tall Mountains) by Connie Converse

Elizabeth "Connie" Converse Born in Concord New Hampshire(1924-?1974) Vanished without a trace, leaving us with a few live recordings which can be seen on youtube and a home made recording released on Omnian Music Group. For move information visit: https://www.omnianmusicgroup.com/products/how-sad-how-lovely

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