Prayer Still Works


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As a child many children were told to say their prayers especially before going to bed. Such became a common practice. For many that was the time to tell God what they wanted. As one later grew up and some would say felt that God did not hear them as they made their request known to God. One often felt disappointed and carried such into their adulthood. Even today I have heard many say that "Prayer does not work." Prayer looks different to others as it works differently for others. As Believers we are to Pray. One may question why? Which could be why parents would tell their children to pray. God commanded it. And God's Word call us to pray. Prayer is an essential and vital part of the life of a Believer. So let's talk about it. Live 9/24/19 at 11:30am Pacific. Join Pastor Delano Blackwell, Toney, Lady T and I as we discuss this topic. It is important that we improve our prayer life. Because Pray Still Works. Tell us how it has worked or not worked for you. To join in on the conversation call 516 387-1914. More Power More Prayer!!

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