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Group Therapy is the weekly radio show from Above & Beyond also known as ABGT
Therapy Chat
Host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, Burnout Consultant and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, interviews therapista and other experts about perfectionism, worthiness, authenticity, self care, trauma, attachment, parenting, relationships, mindfulness and holistic psychotherapy methods. Laura brings you interesting discussions about our emotional experience of being human. You'll feel like a fly on the wall listening to Laura share her thoughts or discuss these top ...
Talking Therapy is a podcast where therapists talk to therapists about the art and science of psychotherapy. More like a peer supervision than continuing education, hosts RJ Thomas and John Webber chat with therapists and counselors who are experts in their fields.
The Seniors Flourish Podcast with Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L showcases interviews with Occupational Therapy influencers, answers questions and discusses relevant topics for OT practitioners working with older adults. Let's get EXCITED for geriatric OT while getting practical, actionable ideas that listeners can use in their own practice right away. At the Seniors Flourish Podcast, the mission is simple: Helping fellow OT practitioners working with older adults be the best they can be.
Couples Therapy
The show where stand-up lovers, ex-lovers, siblings & friends do sets together about their relationship. The fun of a comedy show mixed with the intimacy of a private therapy sesh!
Mat Therapy Podcast
Two jiu jitsu ladies talking about combat sports and more. Hosted by Becky Dominguez and Dawna Gonzales. Join us every week for Mat Therapy.
Start a Speech Therapy Private Practice
You're used to seeing Casey Neistat share his own life through his popular YouTube video series. But now, listen to Casey and his wife Candice discuss candidly the ups and downs of their marriage, friendship, parenting, and lives in the YouTube spotlight.
Jasmine Sanders is an award-winning media maven known for her powerful voice, warm spirit and infectious personality. She's currently heard daily as co-host of the top-ranked, nationally syndicated "DL Hughley Show." She's showcased her talents on other major radio platforms, proved her skills as TV host and special correspondent for various networks and revealed her passions through her foster care work. She's been called that 'best friend in your head' that serves truth with a side of sass ...
Every week, Kai Chang and Forrest Sherman do a deep dive into the news, each bringing his own heterodox point of view.
Over 700,000 people in America have been subjected to conversion therapy, the dangerous and controversial ex-gay treatment. UnErased tells their stories.
Groove Therapy
Groove Therapy is a podcast focusing on Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Disco, Breakbeats, and House music.
Physical Therapy Private Practice Success
Geek culture’s influence and impact on families; its presence and use in family therapy as well how psychology is used in geek culture and media.
Massage therapy
Promoting good health needs proper functioning of body and it can be achieved with massage therapy. To get the massage therapy from professionals, Complete Health and Performance Centre is the leading source you can visit. Get more detail by visiting at:
Shock Therapy Made a Mess of Me!
This is the Debt Free Physical Therapy Podcast, where I discuss career options, repayment strategies, and entrepreneurship to conquer your student loan debt and become an amazing clinician while living financially free!
I am welcoming you into my overthinking mind where I will discuss everyday thoughts about everyday issues in a transparent and easy going way! Cover art photo provided by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash:
Therapy Evolved is a podcast hosted by a licensed professional counselor and fitness trainer with sporadic interviews from experts and 'living laboratories' of wellness. The importance of and methods to understand and meet evolutionary needs for greater happiness will be covered in great detail.
Sound Therapy
Welcome to my new podcast. Here, I speak freely. This podcast is dedicated to my mission of healing through testimony. Join me on a spiritual journey of healing, authenticity, natural living, family life, veganism, herbalism, personal growth, homeschooling, entrepreneurship, spiritual elevation + more. Welcome to Sound Therapy.
Geeky Therapy
This, is Couple Code Therapy! A new twist on learning web development…Where our brave coding expert host, tries to teach his beautiful, lovely, intelligent, and immaculate wife how to update her own website. It’s learning the basics of web development & coding – without being overwhelmed.
Blowing Therapy
Sometimes you need a smoke screen to get honest... Efi Green partakes in different ciphers to discuss this whole adulting thing and how everyone is moving through it. Expect plenty of trips in the DeLorean. Emotional excavation & plenty of smoke. Random cutaways & a plethora of laughs. Highman moments that can be spontaneous revelations. Raw & unedited, as the city it airs from. Honest & transparent. This is a therapeutic supplement. Are you ready to blow therapy??
Cinema Therapy
Think deeper about films you might not like.
Dr. Bleiweiss graduated from Boston University and New York University School of Medicine and he has been treating patients seeking relief from chronic and acute pain and injuries for over 30 years through minimally invasive yet very effective procedures. His expert diagnostic skills, advanced testing methods and solid clinical judgement consistently result in patient satisfaction with dramatic results.
The podcast for rehab clinicians that work with older adults. The Senior Rehab Project is here to help you step up your game. Whether you’re a physical therapist, PT assistant, student, or seasoned veteran, the Senior Rehab Project will prove to be helpful for you in your practice, regardless of setting.
You're used to seeing Casey Neistat share his own life through his popular YouTube video series. But now, listen to Casey and his wife Candice discuss candidly the ups and downs of their marriage, friendship, parenting, and lives in the YouTube spotlight.
Manual Therapy Blog
Manual Therapy Blog is a website dedicated to the clinician practicing manual therapy. We offer instructional videos, opinion posts, case reports, and blog podcasts of interviews with key figures in the world of manual therapy. All to inspire, educate, and empower manual therapy practitioners around the world!
The podcast of the British Association for Music Therapy: Conversations with music therapists and other people about music therapy and related topics.
House Therapy is the monthly radio show hosted by Cacciola.Follow Cacciola on at @djcacciolaFor info write to
You may be asking yourself…..”self, what insider information could I possibly want or need regarding physical therapy, sports medicine, rehabilitation and medicine.” Well, very good question. There is a ton of information regarding treatment techniques, philosophies, and medicine. But how do you separate the fluff from useful relevant information? Our mission is to gain inside(r) input and perspective on all the information floating around from the experts and then dissect it…figuratively. W ...
Therapy Thoughts
Join Tiffany Roe, relatable Mental Health Counselor and psychology teacher as she shares quick therapy lessons that improve your life with each episode. We explore real tools and tips to help you love yourself, your mind, your bod, & your relationship with food. Follow her for more on Instagram @HeyTiffanyRoe and at Become a supporter of this podcast:
We're a couple in our 20s trying to navigate this crazy world, who decided to turn our daily convos & debates into a podcast...You're welcome.
Traffic Therapy
Turn on your radio and laugh. Traffic Therapy is a monthly sketch podcast taking on the tough questions society is too scared to ask like “What if Indiana Jones was performed by a cast of octopi?” “Why do people attend Artist’s Workshops?” “Do you wish there was more yelling in Back to the Future?” and “What if semiconductors had feelings?”
In today's age of overwhelming access to information, especially regarding health and wellness, it is becoming increasingly challenging for the average person to be able to distinguish between helpful information, and that which may be misleading.The goal with this podcast is to hopefully provide some clarity within the world of physical therapy by discussing long-held myths, and providing the most accurate information from the latest research and experts in the field. iTunes most anticipate ...
Official podcast of the Journal of Pediatric Physical Therapy. Visit the App Store and download Pediatric Physical Therapy for the iPad to access full-text articles.
Shrimp Therapy
a podcast dedicated to making mental health not scary
Welcome to Norris & Parker's Sketch Therapy Podcast. Prepare your hearts and minds as you set foot into the wild, dark and ridiculous world of Katie Norris and Sinead Parker. Each week they will be bringing you a blend of hilarious comedy sketches, nuzzled in with chat about the double act's working/personal relationship, their recent loves and losses, still being on the verge of ‘making it’, and what their parents think about their ‘career’ choices. Produced by Red Apple Creative.
Mouth Therapy
I talk about different subjects to a microphone to make sense of them. No opinion is 100% stagnant. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The goals and mission of the channel is provide insight into those that wish to learn more about their physical musculoskeletal pain syndrome or their pain problem. We aim to explain common pain and rehab solutions in a simple and easy format for everyone of all education backgrounds to follow.
Physical Therapy Clinic Owners are MASTERS at creating stability and freedom in their patients’ lives, YET rarely experience it themselves. AND the first step to success is as simple as reaching out. PT ownership requires its owners to juggle a lot – productivity and efficiency from themselves and their teams, management of human resources, marketing, healthcare regulations, etc. – all to fulfill their dreams of business stability, freedom, and affecting lives for good. At the heart of it th ...
The Most Fun Therapists Can Have While Listening to a Podcast About Technology. Rob and Roy discuss how mental health clinicians can utilize technology to improve their practice and cover practice management, internet marketing, telehealth, HIPAA, ethics, and more!
Andrew runs a Wilderness Adventure Therapy program in Costa Rica and is in the trenches every day with young adults that are working towards a better life. In this podcast he talks about helping young people, and the people that surround them, make sense of this crazy, messed up, beautiful world they're adulting into.Adulting (v): to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups. (urban dict ...
Are your ready to go after the life you want? Are you looking for specifics on how to make it happen? Join award-winning YouTuber, best selling author, and entrepreneur Amy Landino as she seeks out successful people and digs into the details of their daily lives to find out what they did to better themselves. From what they ate for breakfast to how much sleep they typically get, listen to interviews featuring amazing people just like you who share the steps they took to change their lives. D ...
Story Therapy
Story therapy is the process of understanding and embracing everything about our personal stories so we can grow our businesses and impact others. This show exists to enable story and idea sharing to help us build connection and use our stories to make a positive impact. Sponsored by Content Supply, is a story-driven content marketing agency that partners with entrepreneurs to develop, produce, and market content to increase sales, maximize online visibility, and position industry experts fo ...
A Monthly Podcast Channel designed to help you lead a happier and healthier life.
All Things Therapy
Lisa Tahir is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing as an Intuitive Psychotherapist. My emphasis is on promoting personal growth and transformation by bringing you interviews with leaders in the: psychological, social, spiritual, emotional, cognitive, financial, physical, artistic, entertainment, and business communities and industries. We hope to motivate and inspire you to your own greatness. Support this show at: live Thursday 1 PM (PST), on LA Ta ...
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In episode 19, Andy and Naomi bring us sets from comedians and lovers Giulia Rozzi (@GiuliaRozzi) and Will Miles (@MrWillMiles) and best friends Sofiya Alexandra (@TheSofiya) and Dave Rankin (@SaysDaveRankin). They also spend some time talking about Andy's lackluster experiences celebrating Thanksgiving during his youth. Also tickets for the li ...…
One of the best parts of my life is being a dad but, I also know that my experience was different from others. I sat down with two friends, Joseph Robles and John Constante, to openly discuss how we navigate fatherhood in today’s social climate. This is a great conversation for dads, old and new. Like, share, subscribe, and as always remember t ...…
In this episode, 2-time Olympian Nick Symmonds and I discuss how he ended up on the unlikely path of becoming an Olympian, following his passion to start a business and what the discipline of a great runner looks like. CLICK HERE to connect with Nick Symmonds CLICK HERE to connect with Amy Landino CLICK HERE for the Detail Therapy Instagram com ...…
In this veterans day special episode of SRPrereqs, Erinn and Tali salute the veterans and those in service, discussing Disability Rating, Age at Death, and Cause of Death in U.S. Veterans with Service-Connected Conditions, and what can we learn from those in order to serve better those that have served us. ...…
Episode #307 / Vintage and Morelli Guest MixBy Above & Beyond.
Let’s talk about intensity! Be sure to check out Modern Management of the Older Adult with Dustin Jones & Christina Prevett - available as a LIVE or ONLINE Course. This course is approved for 16 CEU's and is sure to help you improve how you treat and view older adults - http://ptonice. ...…
This is one of the rarest stories of all: a man who publicly experiences a profound change of heart. This is a profile of one of the gods of psychotherapy, who through a reckoning with his own work (oddly enough in the pages of Playboy magazine), becomes the first domino to fall in science’s ultimate disowning of the “gay cure.” This episode is ...…
Welcome to episode 159 of the Therapy Chat Podcast with host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C. Today Laura speaks with Deb Dana, LCSW about Polyvagal Theory. Deb’s work is based on the principles of Polyvagal Theory. Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, Polyvagal Theory offers a way to understand the human autonomic nervous system and directly engage with our ...…
We talk about tendinitis what can cause it and the steps you should be doing to cure the pain you are having. Pretty simple but tricky to do. We also talk about the best way to get into cold water and Andy is wrong.
Guest host, Chris Hinze, interviews Ty Schmidt, physical therapist and co-founder/executive director of Norte. Ty shares the story of how he and his wife Johanna grew a neighborhood bike train experiment into a thriving nonprofit that is transforming how people in Traverse City move about. Contact Ty for more information at: @elgruponorte, ty@e ...…
Joanna Eden is a jazz singer and singer/songwriter based near Cambridge in the UK. She has shared stages with Jamie Cullum, the Buena Vista Social Club & The Blockheads. She mentored a young Sam Smith for nine years and released her 4th album 'Truth Tree' this October. Joanna's career is all about finding a balance between performing, creating ...…
In episode 18, Naomi and Andy bring us sets from comedian Jena Friedman (@JenaFriedman) and her musician boyfriend Josh Epstein (@JRJRJosh), and the Nicks: Nick Turner (@NicksTurners) and Nick Vatterott (@nickvatterott). They also play their own set from the live November show where they try and figure out what they should do for their Thanksgi ...…
Paul Wright, B. App. Sc (Physio), Dip. Ed. (Phys. Ed.), Adv. Dip. Business Management, built his Australian physiotherapy practice from one clinic to two clinics, back to one clinic, then up to six clinics before selling them. How did he do it? Easy – systematizing (“E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber) and managing by statistics. Lo and behold ...…
In this episode, my BFF Sara McCain and I discuss managing friendships and the scarcity mindset! CLICK HERE to connect with Sara McCain CLICK HERE to connect with Amy Landino CLICK HERE for the Detail Therapy Instagram community CLICK HERE for all of the show notes from this episode CLICK HERE to subscribe to AmyTV on YouTube…
In this episode I interview Joe Dennis, clinical mental health Counselor and trauma specialist. In this episode we: Define trauma Common myths about traumaFacts about trauma & PTSDTrauma tips for anyoneWhat can someone expect in trauma therapy (and who isn’t qualified to treat trauma ... including some therapists). Follow Joe on instagram joede ...…
How prepared did you feel to work in geriatrics after graduation? What skills should be highlighted in the classroom? In clinicals? Listen in as new grads (and a current student!) discuss their ideas while Nicole listens... and learns. ------------ This episode is sponsored by the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy. Check out their FREE reso ...…
Episode #306 / Stoneface and Terminal Guest MixBy Above & Beyond.
Talking diastasis recti in the Older adult! Be sure to check out Modern Management of the Older Adult with Dustin Jones & Christina Prevett - available as a LIVE or ONLINE Course. This course is approved for 16 CEU's and is sure to help you improve how you treat and view older adults - ...…
What if you’re a mother who’s a leader in the Christian community and your kid comes out as gay? Who do you call? The Mama Bears. This is the story of one woman who created a supergroup of like-minded mothers who faced down threats of excommunication because they refused to disown their kids, and will step in if you disown yours. This episode i ...…
My guest today is Stephanie Levenston. She is an Intuitive channel and spiritual guide. We discussed her life, work, and TEDx Talk! Find her at:stephanielevenston.comBecome my patron:
We are talking about sprained ankles today, what you should do first when you first injure it, what you should and shouldn't worry about and things you need to work on to get back to your life. We got a question about chiropractor and what "being out of line" means.
Welcome to episode 158 of the Therapy Chat Podcast with host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C. Today’s episode is a solo episode where Laura discusses the importance of self-care, avoiding chronic stress and keeping tabs on your health and well-being before issues start. Resources: Episode 110 with Kyle Davies: http://traffic ...…
Episode 11 of The Couple's Therapy Podcast: Nobody's Fool! Back to business with the new installment, talking the hard hitting topics B and I have mustard up. First we begin by reminiscing about Halloween memories. Next we take a moment to break down Jada Pinkette Smith's "Red Table Talk" with her husband Will Smith. Then we discuss how men and ...…
The physical therapy industry is evolving and it starts with the physical therapist. Change is hard, it needs to be systemized. To know where we are going we have to know where we came from. In order for growth to occur we have to sustain multiple failures. Failure in real-time, while in the act of change, is not easy. It's messy. Even more so, ...…
Taking a thorough medical history of a patient and asking specific questions about their condition helps to pinpoint the source of their pain so it can be treated properly. Dr. Bleiweiss reviews each test, exam, and X-ray to determine the best treatment.By (Warren J. Bleiweiss, M.D.).
Do we need to check in with you man to make a change, who's also name for the baby, and ghosting fiends in new relationship. via Knit
This week’s show is all about Divorce. We sit down with Dr. Jantel Jordan, of Great Life Counseling Center, and she shares with us her expertise in working with couples in addressing this arduous topic. We cover issues leading up to a divorce, cultural influences, her method in working with couples, and so much more. Like, share, subscribe, and ...…
In episode 17, Naomi and Andy bring us sets from their Bentzen Ball show in Washington DC including friends Maddy Brannon (Maddy_Brannon) and Kate Flaherty (MrsKateMoose) and buds Michelle Sometimes (@Meeshelmybell) and Haywood Turnipseed Jr. (@woodyseed). They also spend some time talking about their own experience in DC. Also tickets for Vult ...…
Ian Johnsen, PT, MSPT has been a success in his small private practice in the Seattle area and, like me, decided to launch a podcast and introduce more private practice owners to the resources and success stories that are out there. So I decided to have a conversation with him to learn a little bit more about him and what he’s doing to be so su ...…
In this episode, Brittany Krystle from the Beyond Influential podcast and I discuss her journey from attorney to personal branding expert, working with GaryVee, how to leverage LinkedIn today and finding fulfillment in your career. CLICK HERE to connect with Brittany Krystle CLICK HERE to connect with Amy Landino CLICK HERE for the Detail Thera ...…
Episode 16: In this episode we talk all things Depression. We explored diagnostic criteria, treatment options, tools to help depression, suicide, genetic and environmental factors, and stigma. Grab my emotional regulation and mindfulness courses at for the best depression management tools I've learned as a licensed c ...…
I get very passionate in this episode, so there's obviously some strong language used.Why can't we all just strive for diversity of opinions Become a supporter of this podcast:
Latest episode of Mouth Therapy Become a supporter of this podcast:
On Oct 28, Troy brought together a group of home health therapists with varied experiences and backgrounds to answer your questions from Twitter and Facebook in our first Facebook Live event - an event so large that we had to split it into more than one episode. Since this was a live event, anything (like kids and dogs) goes. In Part One, we ma ...…
Written by: Shan FrenzieBy (Frenzie).
Episode #305 / Max Flyant Guest MixBy Above & Beyond.
The Neistats discuss nudity and hot dogs. Not at the same time.
The Neistats discuss nudity and hot dogs. Not at the same time.
This is a modern day story of Job. It starts with Garrard Conley, a young gay kid growing up in rural Arkansas, trying to find a place to stand between a devout father and unforgiving God, and ends in a dramatic escape from an ex-gay camp and the smuggling out of a book that overturns an industry. This episode is sponsored by Care/Of (www.takec ...…
Latest episode of Mouth Therapy Become a supporter of this podcast:
Latest episode of Mouth Therapy Become a supporter of this podcast:
Welcome to episode 157 of the Therapy Chat Podcast with host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C. This week we're delighted to welcome back Lanie Smith return to the podcast who talks all about creativity, play, and intuition Lanie Smith, MPS, ATR, a registered art therapist, has worked in a variety of settings for several years. Her work began with the Nat'l ...…
My guest is Julie Ward, Founder of Fresh Food Alchemy. We explore nutrition, plant based diets, and eating to boost your immune system! Find out more at:
Branched-chain amino acids help muscles recover faster and allow athletes to workout harder because they feel more energized and less sore.By (Dr. Peter Ferraro).
It's a short one today, we talk about if back and neck braces are a good thing or a bad thing, we also talk about the difference between physical therapy and occupational therapy.Andy has finished Man in the High Castle and his overall thoughts.You can reach us at, our Facebook group under DIYtherapy or tweet at us at DI ...…
How can the Allen Cognitive Levels help you to provide better treatments for our patients with a cognitive impairment? How can we use this theory to make better discharge planning? How can we help our patient's be successful in their own environments with dementia? Dr Patricia Cornille OTD and Carol Luhman OTR, both former presidents of the All ...…
How can the Allen Cognitive Levels help you to provide better treatments for our patients with a cognitive impairment? How can we use this theory to make better discharge planning? How can we help our patient's be successful in their own environments with dementia? Dr Patricia Cornille OTD and Carol Luhman OTR, both former presidents of the All ...…
In episode 16, Naomi and Andy bring us sets from comedian besties Madison Shepard (@MadisonShepard) and Danielle Perez (@DivaDelux) and homies Rojo Perez (@rojoperezzz) and Tone Bell (@toneBell). Naomi and Andy also bring us their own set from earlier in the year where they admit to being each other's 'ride or dies.' Please rate, review, and te ...…
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