My Dad and I: Masculinity & Fatherhood. Part Two


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On this episode, our presenter and PBB dad, Sean Tonnet, will play part 2 of his special feature interview with his 90-year-old father Lex. In this instalment, Lex discusses an emerging spirituality that helped him mature and grow as a man and reflects on the importance of a safe and secure family culture that absolutely matches the contemporary evidence of attachment theory on raising healthy children. At the end of the program, he discusses one thing that he feels men need to sustain them in their parenting and masculinity. Full of insightful learnings from a community elder on a life of fathering, masculinity and growing old, this show contrasts similarities and differences in parenting and being a man across generations. A thoughtful, honest discussion between father and son not to be missed!
Note: Apologies for some audio 'hiss' during parts of the podcast.
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First aired on 99.9 Bay FM in Byron Bay on 31st December 2018.
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