110 | The Secret to Finding Amazing Clients (and What to do with the Ones Who Aren’t)


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My business looks very different now that I’m working with a baby at home with me. Most of my work is done during naptime and in a half hour increments when my little one is content to play on his own (always where I can see him). This shift has meant less time to send emails, scroll Facebook groups looking for clients, or brainstorm new marketing efforts. It’s also meant that I have to focus the time I do have on finding amazing clients and serving them really well.

Today I’m sharing how I’ve found my dreamiest clients, what it looks like to serve clients well with limited time, and how I deal with clients who turn out not to be so dreamy.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why it’s important to work with your dream clients, especially when you have limited time
  • How I’ve learned who my dream client is
  • Vetting potential clients before starting a project
  • Where I get most of my leads and how I turn them into clients
  • Helping your clients be dreamy
  • Serving well with limited time
  • Dealing with clients who turn out not to be so dreamy

Resources Discussed:

Action Steps:

  1. Look back on your past clients and make a list of what your dreamiest clients had in common
  2. Set up a vetting system for potential clients
  3. Follow up with troublesome clients and give yourself permission to draw a hard line

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