PPP081 - Medication Safety and Specialty Practice with Toni Howell


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Kristin and Dan were joined by Toni Howell, Medication Safety pharmacist from St V’s in Melbourne, and Chair of the SHPA Specialty Practice Leadership Group in Med Safety.

We had a really enjoyable chat, covering lots of topics, including:

  • A day in the life of a med safety pharmacist

  • The benefits of joining your SHPA Specialty practice group

  • Handling of medicines

  • The importance of managing risk

  • Pros and Cons of Electronic medication management

  • How medication safety is everyone’s job and crowd-sourcing patient care

  • Bad handwriting (Doctors AND pharmacists)

  • Nudging people to identify more med safety

A reminder! If you are an SHPA member you can join a a Specialty Practice Interest Group. And practice group members are eligible to stand for election to the Leadership Committee.

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