#16 The Pope is a player - with Brother Herman


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The game is on, you’d got to play along!
Isn’t life under some perspective just a game? How do we know the universe is not just a simulation where we are the players? How many points do we need to get to the next level?
To aid us in our journey to fight injustice without losing sanity, Father Molotov talks to down to earth experts, harvesting wisdom from the bottom of their hearts through music. This week Brother Herman (vegetarian theater maker, gamer, pilgrim, clown & more) shares his lessons from having and having lost faith, gaming and balancing a ball on his head for hours, on a soundtrack of electro Swing, gospel and Kak Kak classics.
In this episode the new game is kicked off, for you and me to play along, collect points, win missions and remind ourselves that, after all, even life is on some level just a game.
Press play to find out how the game works and join in.

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