#18 We Shall Defeat You, Forces of Evil


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Live #18
Funky tunes from sunny countries, a silly newscast, a secret society. Somewhere, also a message about respect, and standing up for what you believe in. World peace, equal right, a big ass ecological transition. Very predictable, or maybe revolutionary.
That’s maybe why this is also a heavily hacked episode, with a good amount of the disturbance that the hated enemies, the hackers, emit every week.
But can they stop us? HA! We are unstoppable… you, me, Father Molotov and all the other listeners together, united we stand, strong against the forces of evil. We’re gonna get them down.
And if you are playful, or competitive, more ways to get points for the fantastic game called life. Life on planet of kakkak, if you prefer.
Check the scores and the challenges on bit.do/highscores
This show was first broadcasted live on 16 August 2020 from a hiding place somewhere in Europe to the World, then edited to hide secret messages in it and increase its awesomeness a little bit.

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