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Rameen Peyrow has been meditating for 32 years. He is a yogi, a teacher, and an entrepreneur whose life accomplishments reflect his calling to the path of self-inquiry. His mission is to aid in the liberation of body and mind for each individual. He is the founder of SATTVA Yoga, an authentic practice of yoga steeped in ancient lineage and wisdom, and owner of the SATTVA School of Yoga and SATTVA Online, a center and online platform dedicated to developing yoga practitioners and teachers. He is also the founder of Science of Self, an organization with the mission to usher in a modern movement of meditation. Rameen developed and founded SATTVA Ananda Meditation method, a repertoire of meditation techniques designed to guide an individual all the way to full realization. He is the founder of the Inner Peace Project, a charitable organization committed to giving the tools and benefits of yoga back to the broader community. Rameen was also, at the age of 21, the youngest teacher authorized in the world at the time by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois. Today Rameen lives and breathes through meditation; if there is a question, meditation provides the answer.

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